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  • Model 647 Refrigerated Sandwich Cart

    Model 647 Refrigerated Sandwich CartAvailable Features:
    The refrigerated food cart is a vital addition to any crowd-attended setting.
    From zoos, parks, and aquariums to city streets, festivals and carnivals.
    perfectly chilled or cooked food, drinks, and beverages.

    DIMENSIONS: 90" L x 45 " W x 93 " H

  • Refrigerated Wine Cart

    Refrigerated Wine CartAvailable Features:
    Plug unit in for overnight charging.
    Unplug when ready to use. Maintains proper temperature for your product the whole day.

    Dimension: 53"L x 33"W x 41"H

  • Model 621 Beverage Cart

    Model 621 Beverage CartAvailable Features:
    Display your beverage products on ice in this large insulated ice bin
    Customers can choose the beverages of their choice at a glance.

    Graphics and the Lexan covering them are optional.
    DIMENSIONS: 39"L x 25"W x 37"H

  • Item # 560, Ice Cream Dipping Cart

    Item # 560, Ice Cream Dipping CartAvailable Features :
    Dual compartment sink with hot and cold water.
    Dipperwell with continuous running water. Cone storage box. Cash drawer.
    Choclate syrup pump holder. Sneeze guard. Canopy. Bottom skirt. Holds 15 three gallon tubs.
    Dimension: 76"L x 42"W x 96"H

  • Item # 32HC, NY Style Frankfurter Cart

    Item # 32HC, NY Style Frankfurter CartAvailable Features:
    Full size steam table, Display storage cabinet, Extra storage in body
    Excellent for caterers, bars, restaurants, and party rentals
    Sterno heat source/electricity optional

    Dimension:36"L x 24"W x 48"H

  • Item # 100S, Hot Dog Pushcart

    Item # 100S, Hot Dog PushcartAvailable Features:
    Stainless steel construction
    Full size steam table pan; large capacity ice bin (hold up to 6 cases of soda with ice and other cold products)
    Large display storage cabinet, Two large serving shelves,
    Dimension: 64"L x 34"W x 58"H

  • Item # 101, Hot Food Push Cart

    Item # 101, Hot Food Push CartAvailable Features:
    Full steam table as with the Model 100S, Charbroil grill with splash guard
    Dual compartment sink with hot and cold running water and waste tanks
    Storage area and insulated box for soda

    Dimension: 60"L x 32" W x 63"H

  • Item # 612, Frankfurter and Cold Drink Cart

    Item # 612, Frankfurter and Cold Drink CartAvailable Features:
    Frankfurter roller grill with sneeze guard
    3 flavor post-mix or premix soda system
    Cup dispenser and ice bin, Canopy with light, Custom graphics.

    Dimension72"L x 30"W x 93"H

  • Item # 105S, Hot Dog Cart

    Item # 105S, Hot Dog CartAvailable Features:
    Stainless steel construction. Full-size steam table pan. 2 - 1/3 pans. 2 - 1/6 pans.
    Large capacity ice bin (holds up to 6 cases of soda with ice and other cold products).
    Large display storage cabinet. Two large serving shelves. Propane hook up.

    Dimension: 63"L x 35"W x 63"H

  • Item # 610, Electric Hot Food Cart

    Item # 610, Electric Hot Food CartAvailable Features:
    2 full size electric stream table pans. 1 dome cover.
    Large ice bin for beverages, Storage area in base, Canopy, Drop shelf, Sneeze guard.

    Dimension 57"L x 28"W x 96"H

  • Item # 501, Ice Cream Dipperwell Cart

    Item # 501, Ice Cream Dipperwell Cart Available Features :
    Mechanical refrigeration, Cone storage box
    Dipperwelll w/ continous running water flow, Storage area for supplies, Holds 8 three gallon tubs

    Dimension: 61"L x 33"W x 58"H

  • Item # 505, Ice Cream Pushcart w/ Air Caster Wheels

    Item # 505, Ice Cream Pushcart w/ Air Caster WheelsAvailable Features:
    Mechanical refrigeration, Holding plates, Just plug in overnight to charge.
    Unplug when ready to use, Product will hold for 10-12 hours without dry ice.

    Dimension45"L x 27"W x 41"H

  • Item # 515, Ice Cream Pushcart w/ Bicycle Wheels

    Item # 515, Ice Cream Pushcart w/ Bicycle WheelsAvailable Features:
    Both models Available Features mechanical refrigeration, Utilizing holding plates
    Plug cart in overnight to charge, unplug when ready to use.
    Product will hold for 10-12 hours in a 90 degree Fahrenheit day

    Dimension: 45"L x 33"W x 41"H

  • Item # 600, Soft Hot Pretzel and Beverage Cart

    Item # 600, Soft Hot Pretzel and Beverage CartAvailable Features:
    Charcoal pretzel warmer, Display case.
    Insulated beverage box, Optional umbrella.

    Dimension: 48"L x 32"W x 60"H

  • Item # 625, Coffee Cart for Hospital and Office Buildings

    Item # 625, Coffee Cart for Hospital and Office BuildingsAvailable Features:
    Two Cambro 5 gal. beverage carriers
    display case for danish, pastry, rolls, etc.
    storage area,special graphics with Lexan, Umbrella optional

    Dimension48"L x 24"W x 64"H

  • Item # 644, Steam Table Cart

    Item # 644, Steam Table Cart Carts are available for sandwiches, pretzels, popcorn, ice cream, hot foods, cold folds and general mechandise. Parks, Zoos and Aquariums and Corporate Events, outdoor modular pushcarts.

Why Pushcarts & Custom Branded Pushcarts?

Food vendors are an integral part of any event, from baseball games to carnivals, and more! A well-functioning and efficient vending cart can mean the difference between a successful day of vending and ending the night on a poor note. Here at All Star Carts, we have a huge array of food carts for sale!

The hot dog cart is an essential for any sports event and we’ve got options perfect for hot dog vendors. With Available Features such as canopied carts, ice bins and cup dispensers, and custom graphics, you’ll be the go-to for hungry event goers! How about ice cream at your events? Our ice cream carts are industry-standard, meaning your ice cream will stay nice and cold all day long! Maybe you’re there to quench thirst on those warm and sunny days? Check out our insulated beverage cart for the refreshing chill you’re after!

You’ll find all of your vending needs here at All Star Carts!

A complete line of food vending push carts — hot & cold beverage cart selections, hot dog & ice cream carts, and food vending & snack push carts in all varieties. We even provide custom branded food carts for sale that are ideal for sidewalk vending at universities and schools, as well as amusement parks and malls.


Available Features

  • Meet or exceed all applicable Classes of fire-spread ratings. Units are certified to meet NFPA part 255 requirements for malls, hospitals, airports, stadiums and convention centers.
  • Underwriters Laboratories Listed under Control number 16VB listed KNNS & KNNS7 custom food service equipment Cart for safety and (IPMW) EPH sanitation NSF Part 59.
  • Welded tubular Steel frames.
  • Aluminum diamond plate floors.
  • Stainless steel cabinet doors
  • Stainless steel, Corian solid surface material, and stone counter tops.
  • Common to unique finishes of anything including stone, plastic laminates, glass or designer metals.
  • Any type of hot and cold cooking and serving equipment.
  • Glass and Lexan sneeze guards.
  • Custom graphics of any type.
  • Digital menus and signage.
  • Custom Umbrellas and Canopy’s.


  • Please check all building, vending and local health codes before ordering.
  • All carts are shown with optional graphics and umbrellas.
  • Not all Available Features are included with every item.