The Right Mall Kiosks for Your Business

Investing in a new business is a very big deal so it’s important that you choose the right selection for your needs. Whether you are looking for a merchandise kiosk or are interested in food kiosk the team at All Star Carts & Kiosks is here to assist you. For many years we have been constructing a wide array of mall kiosks for a variety of businesses doing both corporate and independent construction services. Our specialists have built any type of kiosk imaginable and are prepared to work for you.

Our team of builders is able to build mall kiosks that are perfect for nearly any type of environment. We can construct one that will look great in the walkway of an indoor mall or provide you with efficient outdoor mall kiosk that can handle all types of weather. We can build a stationary kiosk that will stay in place for many years or provide you with a moveable kiosk that can move along with the traffic of your mall.  It’s all up to you – you let us know what you need and we will build it for you.

When we build mall kiosks we use only the best components to ensure that your kiosk is sturdy and perfect for your customer’s needs. Our kiosks have steel frames aluminum diamond plate interior cabinet floors stainless steel cabinet doors stone or corian countertops and glass sneeze guards as well as digital signage and custom columns or overhead structures. Furthermore these kiosks are U.L. listed and meet or exceed any applicable class of fire-spread ratings. Before placing an order with us it is important to learn about any important building vending and health codes. Once we know all of the relevant information we can start building the perfect kiosk for your business needs.   

Now that you know the basics about our mall kiosks it’s time to place your order. When you contact us it’s important to include any pertinent information about your kiosk needs. We will review your information provide you with any financial info you need and discuss our financing options. Don’t hesitate – the time to build your own mall kiosks is today. Contact us today to turn your business ownership dreams into reality.