Start Your Business with Mall Kiosks

Showcase your goods in the best way possible! Forget about renting out an entire storefront. Instead skip the high-priced bill and get your products noticed. When you’re tired of being walked past without a second look put your excellent selection front and center. 

Mall kiosks aren’t just a more-affordable option for new or burgeoning businesses but they are perfect for the business that wants more recognition. All Star Carts carries a variety of indoor mall kiosks perfect for businesses and food vendors alike. Our kiosks are designed to fit your exact needs and the unique specifications of the mall you’re a part of. 

Customize Your Mall Kiosks for Your Business

The best part about All Star Carts is the ability to customize your mall kiosks. From adding your logo to the top to personalized colors and graphics you can make yours are recognizable as possible. Add your prices to the top or along the sides to ensure there are not questions. Need to have your specials easy to see? Add a changeable specials or daily deals board to attract more attention. Place your menu on your kiosk easily with help from our team. Let us know what your design is or work with us each step of the way. For outdoor malls install an umbrella or shade screen to keep you and your guests out of the sun.

For merchandise kiosks showcase your products in easy to browse ways. From expandable racks to shelving and glass cases you can store sell and restock your inventory quickly. Instead of spending your money on a storefront that doesn’t show all you have to offer mall kiosks are the perfect way to get your products noticed by a passersby. 

All Star Carts can help you design the look you want and need. Create a space to show off new inventory products or a sales section for those budget-friendly shoppers. Fold out tables for foldable items or shoes. 

When you’re ready to take a leap and create your own retail or dining space let All Star Carts help you design the perfect mall kiosks