Popular Features on Our Food Trucks

Since the 1920s ice cream trucks have been used to sell ice cream to neighborhood children. You can hear the truck coming with its catchy tune that’s loud enough for people to hear several blocks away. When you hear the music you know it’s time to get your money ready and think about what you want.

Today it’s food trucks that are becoming more and more popular from coast to coast. Corporations hire them to be onsite for lunches and they sometimes rent space near downtown buildings for convenience. These “mobile cuisines” have grown exponentially in the last five years. Many of our customers have added food vehicles for the convenience of their employees. They have far surpassed the coffee wagons of the past which used to come around to sell packaged sandwiches and bland cups of coffee.

Serving clients today—from universities to fire stations to remote locations—demands an array of delicious food complete with beverages and desserts. All Star Carts is a leading provider of food trucks that come with a variety of features. We produce food trucks that specialize in ice cream and those that carry a full line of foods that cover breakfast lunch dinner and special events. Some of the most popular features on our trucks include:

All Stainless Steel Interior Cabinets and Shelving

Illuminated Front and Rear Signs

Exhaust Hood

Skylight Roof Vents

No matter what you need in your food truck—from sinks to ovens to stove tops and more—we’ve got you covered. We specialize in providing vendors with the vehicles necessary to start a business or enhance an existing business. We produce everything in our building under one convenient roof so it’s easy for you to ensure you get the results you expect.

We have served numerous satisfied customers including such high-profile businesses as Good Humor at NASCAR (sample truck). As a full-service manufacturer of food vehicles we can custom brand a food or ice cream truck for any business. We also produce carts canopies kiosks.