Outfitting Your Food Trucks with Features for Success

Food trucks are growing in popularity around the country for a good reason. Who does not want to try creative new combinations or enjoy the old standbys? Whether you are seeking a new mobile kitchen or replacing an older model our manufacturer provides you with the vehicle and features you need for success.

All Star Carts and Vehicles is where your new food truck is assembled from start to finish. This ensures that you get the highest quality food trucks that stand up to long hours of continuous use. Request information about the features you want in your restaurant on wheels.

Orders roll in and food trucks roll out of our factory on a continuous basis. From our years in the business we have learned exactly what you need for speed and efficiency in the mobile restaurant business. Plus everyone in our company understands that we owe our livelihood to you. It is our job to make sure that you have everything you need to prepare and serve food that satisfies your customers.

From the moment you open up the window and start serving through cleanup you can count on us to equip your truck with the features that make your job easy. Our food trucks come fully equipped with all of the essentials from refrigerators to griddles to skylight roof dispensers and dipper wells with running water. Reach out to us to talk about the specific features that are essential to your business whether your food truck operates as a satellite of your restaurant or is its own stand-alone business.

Many food truck features are standard while others are specific to your menu. Obviously refrigerators and sinks are essential in all food trucks–no matter what you serve. However some features are specific to what you sell. If you plan on serving up hot wings a fryer is as essential as a griddle is for making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

Feel confident that our customer service representatives have extensive knowledge of the industry as well as our operation. With this knowledge and our quality practices we build you a food truck with the features you want so food prep is quick and easy allowing you to serve a maximum number of hungry customers. Contact us today to talk about the features you want for your new food truck. Based in Bay Shore New York we serve clients across the country.