Make Your Business Stand Out With Customized Inline Stores

Whether you’re creating a bar space or a place to check out your customers All Star Carts can help. Our inline stores are perfect for both dining establishments and clothing stores alike. Our modular bars are designed for retail and can fit in both large and small spaces. Our stores can be centralized in your store front or within a specific location designated within your space. 

All our bars come premade for electrical or plumbing depending on your needs. For retails spaces inline stores are great for cashier areas and folding stations. Or ask about how we can transform your restaurant into something more functional for you and your guests. 

Remake Your Restaurant With Inline Stores

When you’re remodeling or designing the perfect restaurant there’s really no better investment than in inline stores. These bars are perfect for sushi drinks buffets or hibatchi. Our modular bars are designed to make it easier for you to serve customers or create meals without limiting your space. All our bars are designed with plumbing so you can add everything you need to get the job done. 

Add space for seating around your bars to serve patrons as well. We’ll help you customize your inline stores to fit your restaurant. From stainless steel bars perfect for the kitchen to lighted options for within the dining area. 

All Star Carts has inline stores designed for every space. For outdoor mall kiosks our inline stores are perfect for condiments utensils and other necessities that can’t otherwise fit in your limited space. Whatever your personal needs our team help make it a dream come true! Choose from a variety of designs depending on how you want your store to look. We carry different countertops depending on the luxury you want for you store. We can help you customize your inline stores. Add in your logo store colors menu or prices on your stores. 

When you’re ready to take the next step in your restaurant or store design work with All Star Carts to customize the look you need. We can discuss sizes shapes colors and lighting. If you need plumbing we can have everything installed and ready to go before placing it in your space.