Make Inline Stores Your Next Business Investment

When you’re ready to grow your business and get new customers excited about your restaurant or store All Star Carts can help. Inline stores aren’t just for clothing counters and sushi bars anymore — although we still have those too! 

An inline store is an eye draw for customers looking for something new and different in their shopping or dining experience. Not only do inline stores help you display your goods food or services easily but they can be designed in some of the most outrageous ways. From simple colors for a modern look to something bright and fun you’ll never be missed when you incorporate them into your design. 

All Star Carts can help from either the first brick being built to the blue prints for your redesign of your space. 

Remodel Your Business with Inline Stores in Mind

One of the easiest ways to get inline stores into your design is to remodel your business around them. While traditional stores may not come with these eye-catching sales tools your redesign can. The next time you’re remodeling your space let us help you estimate how your inline store can look inside. We’ll help you find the right space for it where it will be most effective and how your design can work within the space. 

Inline stores are perfect for displaying new items jewelry counters and for checking out. If you’re interested in adding an extra touch to your space use it for gift-wrapping during holiday seasons or for personal consultants otherwise. You can design it to fit your needs with bright colors plumbing and electrical capabilities or just make it something simple. 

For those who are incorporating inline stores into restaurant spaces you’ll get the versatility you need without the worry. Perfect for sushi bars or buffets inline stores can also be used for drink bars rotating food stations build-your-own dinner stations or dessert bars. 

Indoor or outdoor we can equip inline stores with all the fixings to ensure your restaurant runs smoothly. From flashing lights to lighted menu boards and neon