Let Mall Kiosks Expand Your Business

Having a storefront is perhaps one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your business. However opening a second location can bring in extra traffic and customers you may have missed otherwise. Whether you own a clothing store restaurant or offer a service increasing your patronage and revenue is one of the goals all good entrepreneurs strive toward. 

However owning two locations isn’t always easy. For new businesses especially finding it in the budget to open a new location soon after gaining a following somewhere else can be financially taxing. That’s why mall kiosks are one of the fastest growing ways to earn extra revenue without the strain on your budget or resources. 

Use Mall Kiosks as an Alternative Store Location

If you’ve recently found your store becoming popular or if you are ready to make the leap to owning more property mall kiosks are an easy way to do that. While renting or building a store can take time a lot of money and additional employees you may not have the resources for at the time mall kiosks are simple. 

Unlike a full store these kiosks can be easily transported and can withstand the elements for outside sales. Mall kiosks are perfect for displaying seasonal items offering services or providing food and drinks. They can also draw potential customers into your official store. 

When you’re ready to open a second location All Star Carts can help you design the right mall kiosk for your business. Our team is knowledgeable in how each individual business works and will make suggestions that can help maximize your growth and potential. 

Mall kiosks are completely customizable to your specific needs. From clothing racks for new seasonal items or pieces to display cases for jewelry and goods it’s a great option for clothing stores who wish to offer on the go shopping to customers. For restaurants or food services counters and cold storage are available as well as electricity and gas hookup in some occasions. 

Our mall kiosks can be designed around your theme logo or colors while still maintaining an air of simplicity and cleanliness. Contact All Star Carts for help designing and developing your second location and mall kiosks.