Keep Your Store Organized With Extra Space With Inline Stores

From keeping your checkout area clean and organized to displaying your food or sale products easily inline stores are an essential part to every store. These counters are perfect for keeping your merchandise organized and easy to find. 

Whether in a restaurant or a clothing store they can make any standalone store look and function better. Even if you don’t own a standalone store inline stores can be used within kiosks or outside vendors for extra retail or products. Inline stores can be adjacent to your normal storefront or can be purchased for bars within your actual space. 

All Star Carts carries a wide range of modular bars and setups perfect for inline stores. If you’re ready to increase your space this year or holiday season inline stores can be the perfect solution.

Get Extra Space This Holiday Season With Inline Stores

Some inline stores can be temporary to make it easier to sell overflow products during the holiday season. If you’re stuck with tons of extra merchandise don’t try to shove it on the shelves you already have. Inline stores can be the perfect way to get the space you need without compromising your design or set up. 

All Star Carts can help you design the right bars and look for your inline store. Inline stores can be adjacent to your actual store or can be opened up to become part of your store. This is especially perfect for bakeries delis or markets that want to sell or package products during the holiday season. Give yourself the space and the room you need to make your business thrive. 

While some inline stores are seasonal some can be made permanent fixtures in your business. Let us help you design the right look for your business. From extra counter space to display sale or seasonal products to a place to display food or drinks you can expand your business without worrying about opening a second location. 

If you have too much product for a kiosk but not enough for a full storefront an inline store can help you have the space you need without worrying about spending too much money each month.