Italian Ice Carts for the Summer

As the heat of summer starts to rear its head people are going to start looking to mobile vendors at outside events for something special to keep them cool. All Star Carts & Kiosks your source for custom food carts is always providing unique opportunities for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a new business. Our team is able to provide you with completely contained and efficient Italian ice carts that are perfect for people seeking new business opportunities.

Italian ice is a unique treat as it is something a bit different than standard ice cream treats. Standard ice cream is a generally made with dairy which means you’ll be cutting out an entire group of people who love sweet treats but can’t eat dairy. People are being more mindful of issues like this so you have a chance to be the alternative that people need. When you start your own Italian ice carts you’ll be able to provide everyone with something cool and delicious.

Our business is a great source for these carts as we were the originators of the cold plate refrigeration methods that are used all over the world today. These mechanically refrigerated Italian ice carts are able to efficiently keep your product chilled and mess-free on even the hottest days. This means you’ll have no problem going out to the beach traveling down pedestrian walkways and setting up near the pool with these carts. Your product will stay nice and cold all day long. Additional features of these carts include custom graphics umbrellas and canopies as well as stainless steel cabinet doors stone countertops and welded tubular steel frames.

Whether you are interested in purchasing a fleet of Italian ice carts or are just in the market for a single cart the staff at All Star Carts & Kiosks can assist you. Our business has been making a wide array of carts to carry frozen treats for years and is ready to speak to you about your custom needs. Contact us today online to receive a quote for a custom cart. We are confident that you’ll be pleased with our custom Italian ice carts.