Expand Your Business with New Food Trucks

Everyone loves food trucks. They are convenient and give you a chance to try new food that you might not eat otherwise. If you are a restaurant owner you should be considering an investment in this strong trend. All Star Carts & Kiosks is proud to offer new food trucks for business owners.  Whether you run a small restaurant or are have a local legend establishment having a food truck is a smart move for your business. Take a look at some of the benefits of owning your own truck:

  • Reach New Customers – When you own a food truck you are able to reach new customers that you couldn’t reach before. You can setup your truck outside of a festival reaching a new group of people who may not even know where you restaurant is located. Furthermore you can bring food trucks to a nearby town gaining food tourists who might travel to your town and visit your restaurant.
  • Put an End to the Slow Season – If your restaurant has a slow season you can change that with new food trucks from All Star Carts. Just start taking your truck to local events or set up after the bars get out in the local area during the slow season and you are sure to start seeing new customers. This is your chance to close the revenue gap in your restaurant. 
  • An Affordable Way to Promote – Believe it or not running a food truck is surprisingly affordable. After the initial investment all you have to do is keep the truck stocked and have someone to man the grill and take money. This means you won’t have to worry about maintaining a dining area hiring a wait staff getting a cleaning crew or any of the other expensive trappings that come along with owning a restaurant.

Are you interested in a new food truck for your business? All Star & Kiosks is there for you. Many restaurant owners have come to us for new food trucks and have discovered that there is a wide array of benefits to investing in this exciting food trend. Take a look at the food carts we have created and contact us to request an estimate for you cart.