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Food vendors are an integral part of any event, from baseball games to carnivals, and more! A well-functioning and efficient vending cart can mean the difference between a successful day of vending and ending the night on a poor note. Here at All Star Carts, we have carts for your every need!

The hot dog cart are an essential for any sports event and we’ve got options perfect for hot dog vendors. With features such as canopied carts, ice bins and cup dispensers, and custom graphics, you’ll be the go-to for hungry event goers! Another crowd favorite? Ice cream! Our ice cream carts are industry-standard meaning your ice cream will stay nice and cold all day long! Or maybe you’re there to quench thirst on those warm and sunny days? Check out our insulated beverage cart for the refreshing chill you’re after!

You’ll find all of your vending needs here at All Star Carts! 

A complete line of food vending push carts — Hot & cold beverage pushcarts, hot dog & ice cream carts, food vending & snack push carts in all varieties. Custom branded for applications from sidewalk vending to university and school, theme and amusement parks, malls, etc.

Model 100S

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the first bite of a hot dog after long day of walking the boardwalk, roaming the city streets, or having fun on ride after ride. The best way to ensure that your customers receive a delicious and perfectly cooked hot dog? A high quality hot dog push cart! When it comes to efficient hot dog vending, your vendors need a cart that they can depend on – with all of the storage and features that they may need to face a busy crowd. Each of our hot dog carts for sale come equipped with exactly what you need for a successful day of vending.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Full size steam table pan; large capacity ice bin (hold up to 6 cases of soda with ice and other cold products)
  • Large display storage cabinet
  • Two large serving shelves
  • Propane hook-up
  • Extra storage in cart body
  • bicycle wheels & front swivel casters
  • Dual - compartment sinks with hot & cold water
  • Holds 5 gallons fresh water - 6.5 waste
  • Also available as electric


More Models

Model 647

The refrigerated food cart is a vital addition to any crowd-attended setting. From zoos, parks, and aquariums to city streets, festivals and carnivals, hungry guests will be thrilled when they see a refrigerated sandwich cart amongst an array of food vendors. To successfully feed a crowd of hungry event-goers, you’ll need a cart that you can depend on. That means the ability to successfully store and serve plenty of perfectly chilled or cooked food, drinks, and beverages. To fulfill your vending needs, shop our array of refrigerated food carts, complete with a variety of features and additions! 

DIMENSIONS: 90" L x 45 " W x 93 " H

More Models

Model 621
Beverage Cart

There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot day spent outside than an ice cold beverage! Crowds flock to beverage vendors, no matter the setting. How can you ensure that your beverages stay ice cold, even beneath the beating sun? A reliable beverage cooler cart! With a variety of features, you can rest assured that your vendors are serving appropriately chilled and refreshing beverages at every single event.

With All Star Carts, you have the option of customizing your beverage cart with these unique features:

  • Display your beverage products on ice in this large insulated ice bin
  • Customers can choose the beverages of their choice at a glance.
  • Telescope canopy with stainless steel poles, counter top and corner guards
  • Graphics and the Lexan covering them are optional.

DIMENSIONS: 39"L x 25"W x 37"H

More Models

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